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Kasandra was simply amazing!

She has a great team and wonderful connections. We were first time buyers and she went above and beyond from start to finish. She had great ideas and insights to the properties we looked at we really valued her input on the many different aspects from location to types of homes to loans she knew so much about everything. And if she didn't she certainly knew an expert. Even during the covid shutdown she was able to keep a solid timeline and kept the sellers on track to meet out timelines needs. She cames up with realistic solutions to any issues that we had such as an electrical issue the seller was supposed to fix but couldn't get a repair person to the unit because of the covid situation so got a quote for the repair and a credit for the amount. That was discovered, brought up, and handled in in writing in less than two days. Kasandra was a very nice lady and made us really feel like she cared about finding our dream home.

Evan M.

I had a wonderful escrow experience with Kasandra.

I was the seller’s agent, and she was a buyers agent. We sold a beautiful unit at Château Waikiki fully renovated with ocean views. The escrow went smoothly, and I was very impressed with Kasandra‘s knowledge as a real estate agent, and her friendly mannerisms. Let’s work together again Kasandra! Michelle

Michelle W.

As a rental property owner for over three decades and in three states, I have required the services of a number of property managers; among them, Kasandra Shriver of Home Quest Hawaii.

When it comes to property managers, Kasandra is truly a gem. She is knowledgeable, experienced, smart, pro-active and an excellent problem solver. With properties under her management, I have been able to rest easy. I wish I could clone her.

Karen S.

Truthfully, we’ve only been here five years but have had experience with many realtors through our work so we have some idea of what constitutes a good one.

I imagine it’s the same here as in NJ. You made things work for our situation, communicated well and when needed, and behaved ethically. We had confidence in you. Can’t ask for more than that. 😁

Sharon M.

"Her experience, intelligence, and common sense allowed her to provide us with comprehensive, practical and insightful advice.

However, she had an open mind and was always willing to listen to our concerns and ideas, or even just allow me to ramble on the phone for a bit when trying to come to a decision on something."

Paul M.

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